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Figure 2

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1 x Awning roof

9 x Anchor pegs

2 x Sidewalls

11 x Straight pegs 

3 x 1,8m Upright poles

2 x Double guy ropes

3 x Telescopic poles

1 x Single guy ropes

Figure 4

Figure 5

Instructions: (Roof)

The awning roof is attached to the tent flysheet by joining the double velcro strips together. (Fig.1) Start joining the velcro at the kitchen awning end with the zip beginning at the edge of the velcro. The roof is held up by 3 x 1,8m upright poles and 3 telescopic poles with the 2 double guy ropes going on the corner poles. (Fig.3) It is recommended to remove your flysheet from the tent and do this operation on a flat surface.

Instructions: (Sidewalls)

There are 2 sidewalls, 1 has a vertical zip on one end (wall B), this wall is attached to the vertical zip on the side tent of the trailer tent. (Fig.2) The zip on the top edge of the wall is attached to the matching zip on the roof. The wall reaches the corner pole (Fig.5) where it is joined to the other sidewall (wall A) with velcro. The other wall is attached in a similar way but with 2 zips on the top. 1 Zip goes onto the kitchen awning section of the flysheet and the other onto the awning roof. The end of the wall at the nosecone side has a strap with velcro, this strap is wrapped around the aluminium pole of the trailer tent frame to secure it. (Fig.5) The bottom edge of the wall are secured to the ground with the straight pegs provided. The 3 stabilizing guy ropes (provided) are attached to the 3 extra triangles on the tent flysheet, this counters the pull exerted on the pole ropes of the awning. Generally we advise that you periodically check the tautness of your guy ropes. In windy conditions, close all doors to avoid wind entering the tent as the roof can act like a parachute if wind gets under it. When it rains, water may collect on the awning roof. Should this occur, set the poles at an angle so as to lower the roof to allow the water to run off. Always use the stabilzing guy ropes so as to keep your flysheet square.

Please note:

This tent is not guaranteed against wind damage. refer to troubleshooting guide for more handy tips