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Extra precaution must be taken when assembling and disassembling the frame as Spring steel can bounce back and cause injury. Children and bystanders must be kept at a safe distance.

This extension tent is erected over a steel frame. This steel frame is then coupled to the bow tent with a pole from the steel frame to the top of the bow tent frame. The bow tent flysheet is not used when coupled to the extension as it has it’s own flysheet for the bow tent.

Instructions: (Extension frame erection)

1) Layout the frame on the ground as it would be when erected

2) The frame is assembled by matching the coloured poles to their matching coloured corners (Fig. 1)

3) Start by building the roof section of the frame first. The verandah section of the roof is held up with 3 loose poles. 2,2m in the centre and 1,5m on the sides.

4) Insert the top half of the leg poles into the roof section.

5) Now place the frame in the desired position on your camp site.

6) Pull the canvas skin over the frame.

7) Standing on the 1 side of the tent (2 people) at the 2 leg poles, lift the frame and insert the bottom half of the legs.

8) The bow tent frame is now positioned until the crown of it’s frame is clipped over the hook of the protruding steel pole. (Fig. 3)

9) With 1 person at each canvas leg of the bow tent section, walk it back over to the bow tent and clip it onto the frame rope.

10) The gussets are velcroed to the bow tent frame which forms an effective seal.

11) You may need to manoeuvre the canvas on the frame to get it sitting in it’s required position. The skin is attached to the frame with velcro strips sewn into the inside seams.

12) Peg the bottom of the canvas to the ground at all the provided anchor points with the straight pieces supplied.

13) The guy ropes are tightened with the anchor ropes supplied. (Remember the rope at the crown of the bow tent section of the flysheet.) Fig 2.

14) The flaps on the side can be extended out with extra poles (not included) to extend the shade.

15) See overleaf for list of Dos & Dont’s and for Care Instructions.

Please note:

This tent is not guaranteed against wind damage. refer to troubleshooting guide for more handy tips