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Extra precaution must be taken when assembling and disassembling the frame as spring steel can bounce back and cause injury, children and bystander must be kept at a safe distance.


1) See list of Dos and Dont’s.

2) Remove contents from bag.

3) Open tent out flat - onto a groundsheet - (optional and recommended)

4) Connect spring steel frame pieces together to form an X-shaped and lie flat, directly onto tent. (Fig.1)

Figure 4

5) A - Using 4 people: One person to stand at each end of frame, lift and bend frame simultaneously to form an upright bow. Hook each corner of the frame into tent per ABCD. See fig.2)

    B - Using 2 people: Stand diagonally opposite each other (see fig.2) bend and raise the frame to form a bow, hook frame into corner of the tent A. One person to hold frame whilst the other person grabs pole D bend and hook into same tent corner. Repeat operation at corners B and C.

6) Once you have the frame in a bow shape over the tent unzip the door, stand on the inside of the door and with one hand raise the canvas and hook over the frame. Bend the frame simultaneously to meet the canvas to ease this operation. Connect the 4 top hooks to take the weight of the canvas and then connect all hooks to secure the canvas to the frame. (Fig.3)

7) Fit your skull cap over the tent taking care not to Hook the material on the frame / hooks. (Never apply force - Fig.4)

8) In strong wind it is recommended to fit extra guy ropes on the tent and fly sheers. (Not included)

Please note:

This tent is not guaranteed against wind damage. refer to troubleshooting guide for more handy tips