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Ensure you are parked on level ground, your trailer is engaged and your stabilizer bars are down before you erect your tent.


1) Remove bag by loosening 3 cross straps, release tension from the ratchet, pull back the strap and pull on the rope on all 4 corners of the bag so that you can create enough slack to lift the bag over the corners without forcing it. (Risk of tearing)

2) Standing in the middle of the side of the trailer, fold down the side tent.

3) Before attempting to raise the tent frame first open the door-flap to allow air to enter the tent when erecting.

4) With a person on either side of tent, i.e..: the nose cone and tailgate, slowly lift the tent poles up allowing air to enter at the same time.

5) Attach the clinch fittings on the pole ends to the ends of the horizontal aluminium pole next to the eye fittings. Erect the side tent by tensioning the 3 guy ropes on the flysheet as well as the 2 guy ropes on the horizontal pole to the ground ensuring the 2 x 1,8m poles are vertical. (Fig. 1) Now lay out the side tent and peg it down at all 4 corners. (Fig.1)

6) Insert the 3 spring steel rods into the board (Fig.2) and the eyelets on the bed side of the flysheet to extend it.

7) Additional guy ropes are installed on the side of the flysheet at the centre tent frame pole. These are to provide extra stability in windy conditions. (Fig.2)

8) Additional straight pegs have been provided for the other anchor points on the side tent groundsheet.

9) Inside the tent, the ladder is to be fastened between the 2 strips of velcro on the edge of the board. Failure to secure ladder properly could result in serious injury. Remember to loosen ladder velcro straps before lifting lid of trailer.

10) We suggest an extra ground sheet be placed under the side tent to prevent damage by thorns and stones etc.. (Fig.1) Children are to be supervised at all times when in the tent, close shade net zips on the top of bed to prevent children falling out.

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Instructions: (packing up)

1) Fold bedding flat, loosen ladder and lie it on top of mattress.

2) Remove the flysheet poles and store in bag on top of mattress with ladder.

3) Close zips on front window flap.

4) Remove pegs and store in bag on top of mattress with ladder.

5) Zip down door. (gauze only)

6) Leaving the side door flaps loose to allow air to espcape, with 1 person at tailgate and 1 at nose cone. Pull down the frame poles until both are laying flat on the bed. Tuck in all loose pieces and lift the side tent onto the bed, fold all loose pieces on top bed. Ensure the materials lays as flat and even as possible.

7) Pull bag over tent ensuring the rope in the lip is under the board at all 4 corners.

8) Feed the strap into ratchet and ratchet the rope tight. (Ensure bag completely covers board)

9) Strap down bag with all 3 storm straps.


Check the tightness of all nuts and bolts before every trip and during extended trip at regular intervals. Never attempt to move trailer whilst the tent is erected, this will result in the frame being bent. When folding up your tent always ensure you have folded the canvas and PVC in as flat a profile as possible. This will allow easier fitment of the bag as well as creating less drag on the vehicle. Never drive off without first securing all 3 safety straps across the bag. In strong winds it is recommended to fit storm straps over tent (not included) to stabilize tent.  

Junior Trailer Tent:

Fitment We recommend that this tent be fitted by competent persons. To mount the board to your trailer you will need to place the tent on top of the trailer, open it up and remove the ladder and mattress from the board. Now open the zip in the PVC to expose the board underneath. Now properly position the board on the trailer rack and drill the required holes.

1) The board base should be installed onto your trailer with at least 4 load bars. One at either end of the board approximately 150mm in from the edge and the other two each a third in. This is to prevent sagging of the board overtime. (Fig. 1)

2) You shall require a gap of +/- 80mm above the trailer roof rack and your board to enable the travel bag to fit under it. Or mount it directly to roof rack if supplied with trailer. (Fig. 2)

3) We recommend that the tent board is attached to each of your load bars in at least to points with a minimum of M8 flat head bolts, washers and nylock nuts, ensuring the bolt thread protrudes beyond the nylock nut by at least 5mm.

4) Ideal height of board is 1,3m above ground level. (Fig. 2)

5) We recommend that the board be mounted off-centre to enable the inside wall to drop vertically to the ground so that the doorflap zip hangs vertically. Dependant on the width of the trailer. (Fig. 3)

Please note:

This tent is not guaranteed against wind damage. refer to troubleshooting guide for more handy tips