Roof top tent contents:

1 x Tent on boards

1 x Flysheet attached to tent

6 x Spring steel rods (2 x Long, 4 x Short)

1 x Mattress

1 x Ladder attached to board


1) Remove bag by loosening cross straps and lifting over board, taking care not to catch the bag on the corners of the board.

2) Extend the ladder to it’s full length, lock in place and pull down on ladder in order to raise tent board.

3) Air has to enter the tent when opening to avoid creating the vacuum effect.

4) The opened board is supported by the ladder on the ground.

5) Insert 6 spring steel rods in sleeves in board, 2 longer ones in centre. Hook V-shaped ends into eyelets on flysheet to extend it.

6) Packing tent away is a reversal of the erection.

7) Ensure you park on level ground and that the 2 aluminium sections are fully locked together in the centre of the boards when the tent is opened.

8) Never leave children unattended in tent. 

Care & Maintenance:

Your tent must be mounted properly and securely on top of vehicle or trailer by a competent person/s.

Recommended installation: on a solid roof rack or on 3 load bars. (Minimum)

When drilling your boards for mounting ensure that the tent is open.

There is a risk of drilling through the material if the tent is folded.

Never drive with the roof top tent open.

Never drive with the roof top not properly secured for travel. i.e.; PVC cover securely and properly in place.

You will achieve better fuel consumption by mounting tent at the rear of the vehicle, even better on a trailer.

Always check your mountings, nuts and bolts on tent before any trip.

Never stand on roof top tent when it is closed.

Never climb on the loose board hanging in mid air without first installing ladder properly on the ground.

For longevity of your roof top, remove it from your vehicle when not in use and store in a cool dry place off the floor.

Always ensure you store your tent dry. 

Please note:

This tent is not guaranteed against wind damage. refer to troubleshooting guide for more handy tips