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Figure 2

Figure 3

This tent is a frame tent with the tent suspended below the frame and the flysheet fitted over the top of the frame.


1) Remove your tent from the bag and lay it out flat on the ground. Remove the flysheet and place aside for later.

2) The frame is assembled by matching the coloured poles to their matching coloured corners. (Fig.1)

3) Build the frame roof section and insert only the top half of the legs.

4) The tent is attached to the frame with the steel S-Hooks. (Fig.2)

5) Attach the S-Hooks of the roof section to the roof frame and the top half of the leg poles.

6) Pull the flysheet over the frame into position.

7) Now lift the frame and insert the bottoms half of the legs, do one side at a time.

8) Now the tent is up, open the door to allow air in and spread the ground sheet out until the tent sits well. Clip the remaining S-Hooks to the leg poles.

9) Pull groundsheet tight and peg at all the anchor points using the straight pegs.

10) The flysheet front is held up with the 2,2m pole in the centre and the 1,8m poles on the outside points

11) The guy ropes area stretched outwards and pegged to the ground. (Fig.3)

12) See overleaf for list of Dos and Don’ts and care instructions.

Please note:

This tent is not guaranteed against wind damage. refer to troubleshooting guide for more handy tips