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Ensure you are parked on level ground, your trailer brake is engaged and your stabilizer bars are down before you erect your tent.


1) Remove bag by loosening 3 cross straps, release tension from the ratchet, pull back the strap and pull on the rope on all 4 corners of the bag so that you can create enough slack to lift the bag over the corners without forcing it. (Risk of tearing)

2) Standing in the middle of the side of the trailer, fold down the side tent.

3) Before attempting to raise the tent frame first open the inside wall zip to allow air to enter the tent when erecting.

4) With a person on either side of tent, i.e.: the nose cone and tailgate, slowly lift the tent poles up allowing air to enter at the same time.

5) Attach the clinch fittings on the pole ends to the ends of the horizontal aluminium pole next to the eye fittings. Erect the side tent by tensioning the 2 guy ropes on the horizontal pole as well as the guy ropes on the flysheet to the ground ensuring the 2 x 1,8m poles are vertical. (Fig. 2) Now lay out the side tent and peg it down at the points provided. (Fig.3)

6) The flysheet flap (kitchen flap) is erected by inserting the 3 x 1,8m two piece poles into the eyelets at the edge of the flysheet, the double guy ropes going at 90 degrees on the side poles and the single 3m guy rope to the centre pole. (Fig.1)

7) Additional guy ropes are installed on the side of the flysheet. These are to provide extra stability in windy conditions. (Fig.1)

8) Use all guy ropes provided at all times to secure your tent.

9) Inside the tent, the ladder is to be fastened between the 2 strips of velcro on the edge of the board. Failure to secure ladder properly could result in serious injury. Remember to loosen ladder straps before lifting lid of trailer.

10) We suggest an extra ground sheet be placed under the side tent to prevent damage by thorns and sharp stones etc. (Fig.3)

11) Do not use the mattress barrier as a climbing aid, it is there purely for safety to act as a barrier to prevent accidental rolling off the bed. Children are to be supervised at all times when in the tent, close shade net zips on top of the bed to prevent children falling out.

Please note:

This tent is not guaranteed against wind damage. refer to troubleshooting guide for more handy tips