Care & Maintenance
1. Storage
Always keep tent clean and dry. Thoroughly dry tent before storage in order to prevent mildew growth. Store off the ground to prevent dampness occurring.

2. Maintenance
All our tents come with a self repairing zippers. Should the zipper separate. Move the slider to the beginning of the zipper tape and rework the zipper.

3. Tent Troubleshooting Guide
This is caused by lower temperatures on the outside of the tent combined with body heat on the inside of the tent. When this occurs, avoid touching walls to reduce contact leakage. Leaving all the doors and windows open will reduce the moisture condensation.

Seam Leakage
Ensure tent has been initially wetted and allowed to dry before first usage in order to allow natural swelling & Seizure of both canvas & Stitching. Thereafter if small leakage still occurs, use of a wax stick applied along the inside of the entire seam should suffice.

Repairing a Tear
Please contract TENTCO who shall be able to offer quotations for fast & reliable repairs.

Faulty Zipper
To avoid damage to zips, ensure that all doors and windows are closed before pegging tent down. All our tents come with self repairing zippers. If the zipper separates , you can move the slider to the beginning of the zipper tape and rework the zipper.

Removing Pegs
Pegs should be pulled out with another peg, hammer or a peg puller, but never by pulling on the tent. Avoid pegging tent so tightly that it stretches the fabric. Overstretching may cause peg loops to tear.